Trip to Fertőrákos with the city train

A trip to Fertőrákos by city train gives a comprehensive picture about Fertőrákos and promises real amusement.

Fertőrákos is situated 7 km from Sopron, on the shores of Lake Neusiedl. Its natural treasures and historical monuments attract thousands of tourists each year.

The village offers a number of sights for the visitors.

The most famous landmark of the village is the Roman Quarry. The Leitha chalk excavated here still carries the imprints of the animals and plants of the Pannonian Sea. The Bishop’s Palace in the village centre housed the first stained-glass workshop of Hungary. The pillory remained at its original place - it can still be seen on the market square. The village centre which is surrounded by medieval walls is under monument protection. Lake Neusiedl thanks its reputation not only to its special natural conditions, but also to its unique flora and fauna. The only Hungarian resort of the lake can be accessed from Fertőrákos. In the petting zoo within Lake Neusiedl National Park, one can get to know Hungarian animal species

During the program, the following sights are presented:

Quarry of Fertőrákos

town walls



Bishop’s Palace


Fertőrákos in the past and today

Lake Neusiedl National Park

Lake Neusiedl

The program can be expanded by a pleasure boat cruise on Lake Neusiedl.