The most exciting attractions in Prater

The Vienna Prater is a modern adventure world with fun to be had at more than 250 attractions –
including the Giant Ferris Wheel, a 117-meter chair-o-plane and an indoor rollercoaster.

Perhaps the best-known attraction in the Prater is the Giant Ferris Wheel. It has been lifting people aloft since 1897. "Ferris Wheel Square" was redesigned in 2008. Now this entrance to the Prater amusement park is a nostalgic theme world reminiscent of the Prater in the year 1900. The main attraction is Madame Tussauds, where visitors can encounter celebrities from around the world up close: from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Falco, Empress Elisabeth and Gustav Klimt to Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman. “Fly Board” offers a special flight over Vienna: The flight animation starts in the canals and moves through narrow alleys in the city center. In the 5D cinema, the rapid journey in a rickshaw takes viewers over the Chinese Wall.

Those who prefer things faster are spoiled for choice in the Prater: Sensations of extreme speed are provided by Turbo Boost and Bungee Jump, Ejection Seat, Skyfall and Space-Shot. And the 117-meter tall chair-o-plane, the Praterturm, whisks its passengers through the air at 60 km/h and offers a fantastic view of the city. For the younger amongst us, the Eisberg was opened – an interactive ride to see polar bears, penguins and friends. The wild Octopus catapults its "passengers" 18 meters into the sky. And the Black Mamba swirls passengers through the air at 80 km/h. Goosebumps are guaranteed on the spooky ride “Hotel Psycho”. The ultimate adrenalin kick is provided by the indoor rollercoaster, the Darkride Insider. And on hot days, the water amusement feature Aqua Gaudi is the place to go to cool down.

"WIND-O-BONA” supplies the thrill of free-fall: in the indoor skydiving wind tunnel, wind speeds of up to 280 km/h simulate a parachute jump from a height of 4,000 meters. Minimum age is 8 years, the starter pack costs €49. Information:


Highlight for adrenalin fans

The biggest mobile roller coaster in the world visits the Prater for the anniversary until the end of August 2016: The Olympia Looping delivers the ultimate thrill with five (!) loops. The cars race along the 1,250 meter-long track at heights of up to 32.5 meters and at speeds of up to 100 km/h. Passengers experience loads of up to 5.2 G (or 5.2 times their own body weight).

Fun is also provided by several Autodrom tracks, go-carts, trampolines, a flying carpet, laughing room and maze, fairytale worlds, amusement arcades, the flower wheel, mini-golf, shooting arcades, swings and slides.

For a more tranquil experience of the Prater, ride the Liliput Train. The Prater Museum takes visitors to the world of ghosts and the Planetarium to the empire of the stars.

Just a stone's throw from the Prater, ViennaFlight offers the only Airbus simulator anywhere in Austria. Here, you can take an exclusive flight of your choice in the faithfully reproduced cockpit of an A320, accompanied by a real pilot. What's more, ViennaFlight also has a simulator for a Boeing 737 NG in its fleet. Registration required!



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