Sopron Wine Road

Sopron is considered to be the capital of the Blaufränkisch (Hungarian “Kékfrankos”) - a wine local people are rightly proud of and which we can warmly recommend to the visitors of Sopron, too.

But where can you taste this noble drink?

Sopron’s vineyards cover about 1500 hectares (3,700 acres); while the best soil for growing grapes is on the slopes of the Lajta hills around Lake Fertő. The secret of the grapes cultivated around Lake Fertő is not the reflection of the water, but the fact that during the day warms the air above the lake and then wafts over the vineyards during the night. Fertőrákos, Kópháza, Balf, Fertőboz, Harka, Fertőszentmiklós and, since the year 2000, the area around Kőszeg are all counted among the vineyards of Sopron. Some two thirds of Sopron wines are made from Kékfrankos.

As the legend has it, in 1809 Napoleon’s soldiers could only buy wine from the local inhabitants for the more valuable blue Franc notes, which is why the best Sopron wine was given the name “Blue Franc” - Kékfrankos. It must be admitted though that at that time, it was mostly white wines which were produced in and around Sopron and it was only after the grape phylloxera, during the second half of the 19th century that the Blaufränkisch gained ground.

But where can you taste this noble drink?

Namecellar addressPhoneE-MAIL seats  Parking toilet  Speciality  food
Bacskay Pince9400 Sopron,
Lehár Ferenc utca 70.
30/9572014bacskaygyuri@gmail.com40 personC/Byesnoh/m
Bónis-Reitter Borászat9400 Sopron, Gesztenyés krt 64.20/9312776peter@bonis-reitter.com60 personCyesHistorical cellarh/m
Fényes Pinészet9400 Sopron,
Présház telep
20/2139683pince@fenyszoft.hu40 personC/ByesPanoramic view of Lake Fertőh/m
Gangl Borászat9400 Sopron,
Lehár Ferenc utca
20/4485808ganglbor@gmail.com60 personC/ByesBaked pork in the ovenh/m
Hermann Pincészet9421 Fertőrákos,
Szent Sebestyén u. 21.
20/9345970hermann@hermann-wein.com20 personC/ByesBeer steak dinnerm
Iváncsics Pince9400 Sopron,
Szegfű utca 30.
30/5320661ivancsicspince@freemail.hu20 person standingCyesnonincs
Jandl Borászat9421 Fertőrákos,
Patak sor 26.
20/4191411jandlbor@jandl.hu40 personC/MByesnoh/m
Kocsis Borászat9400 Sopron,
Becsényi utca 21.
30/9795379kocsis.bor@gmail.com80 personC/ByesThere is everythingh/m
Lővér Pince9400 Sopron,
Deákkúti út 2.
20/3535963sopvin@loverpince.hu60 personC/ByesTraditional cellarh/m
Ottó Pince9400 Sopron,
Répcefői sor 22.
20/5373589ottopince@gmail.com95 personC/ByesCatering with pensionh/m
Pfneisz Birtok9400 Sopron,
Kőszegi út 81.
30/5600736wine@pfneiszl-vineyards.com10 personC/Byesnoh
Roll Pince9400 Sopron,
Áfonya utca 8.
20/3232870roll.p@freemail.hu16 personC/MByesnoh
Sterlik Pince9400 Sopron,
Lővér körút 28.
30/9363353pince@sterlik.hu16 personC/ByesRosé sortingh
Taschner Bor és Pezsgőház9400 Sopron,
Balfi utca 164.
20/9315225pincelatogatas@taschner.hu64 personC/ByesOwn champagneh/m
Töltl Pince9400 Sopron,
Zárányi utca 21.
30/9465387toltl.jozsef@chello.hu50 personC/ByesKékfrank deer salamih/m
Vincellér9493 Fertőboz,
Fő utca 32-34
20/9112364tibor@vincellerhaz.com60 personC/ByesSzéchenyi Cellar in the heart of the National Parkh/m
Winelife Borászat9421 Fertőrákos,
Fő utca 95.
20/3920296winelife@winelife.hu40 personC/ByesStumh/m

In most cases, the food is ordered from an external source, so it is necessary to arrange prior arrangement!

Parking C= car, MB=minibus, B=bus