Sightseeing in Sopron with the city train

Take a cheerful ride on the city train of Sopron to get to know its highlights,
historic moments and famous personalities.

For tourists, the sightseeing tours start from the hotel. The one-hour long programme strives to present as many sights as possible. It gives a detailed and comprehensive overview about the town as well as tips for the tourists about possible further places of interest.

The following sights are presented underway:


Fire Tower

Széchenyi square

Ógabona square

Deák square

University of West-Hungary

Urban district “Lőverek”

Sopron mountains

A few famous local personalities:

Hungarian King Matthias

Hungarian poet Sándor Petőfi

Hungarian politician István Széchenyi

Hungarian poet Dániel Berzsenyi

Hungarian composer Ferenc Liszt

Austrian composer Johann Strauss

The informative presentation is enriched with exciting stories, legends and anecdotes about Sopron, the local winegrowers and the famous Sopron wine.

The programme lasts 30 minutes.