Program offer

Program offer for one-day excursions.

In the following, let us offer you some favourite travel destinations
for one-day excursions and programme packages.

Sopron and it's environment

Bánfalva: church dedicated to Maria Magdalena, mountain church, cellar of Pauline monks

Brennberg: church of miners, miner museum

Ágfalva: village museum, riding club

Forest excursion

Károly lookout, lookout at the Beer House hill

Celtic settlement in Várhely, lookout

a coffee in the resting house of Muck

Around the Fertő Lake

sightseeing in Ruszt

boat trip in Mörbisch with a grill party and music

visit to the pilgrimage basilica in Freuenkirchen

visit to the Eszterházy Castle in Fertőd


Pan-European Picnic Memorial Place

quarry in Fertőrákos

Mithras sanctuary

village museum in Fertőszéplak

lamp museum in Fertőszéplak

castle in Fertőd

Fraknó - Kismarton - Ruszt- Fertő-lake

visit to the castle of Fraknó

visit to the Eszterházy Castle in Kismarton and sightseeing

sightseeing in Ruszt

by boat to Mörbisch with a grill party

Doborján- Nagycenk- Fertőd

Franz Liszt Memorial Museum in Doborján

Széchenyi Mausoleum in Nagycenk

Széchenyi Castle in Nagycenk

travel by the museum railway

Eszterházy Castle in Fertőd

Castle tour in Burgenland

Fraknó - Forchtenstein

Léka - Lockenhaus

Városszalónok- Stadtschlaining

Németújvár - Güssing

Doborján- Lutzmannsburg

Liszt Memorial Museum in Doborján

experience bath in Lutzmannsburg

Vienna - three times

sightseeing with a local guide - castle of Schönbrunn

sightseeing with a local guide - Mozart House, Hofburg - the House of Music

sightseeing with a local guide - Prater

Tale Park in St. Margarethen

whole-day programme for families with children


sightseeing with a local guide

pleasure boating on the Danube

a coffee at the top of the bridge of the Danube

Szombathely- Kőszeg- Ják

sightseeing in Kőszeg

sightseeing in Szombathely, lunch

visit to the church in Ják





St. Pölten- Göttweig- Herzogenburg

15. Mariazell

Maria Schutz


Mariazell, Erlaufsee


Wiener Neustadt- Puchberg

to the Schneeberg by the funicular

sightseeing in Wiener Neustadt

Rax- Wiener Neustadt

water museum in the Höllental

to the Rax by a cable train

sightseeing in Wiener Neustadt


castle museum

botanic garden

experience bath


sightseeing in Győr, lunch

visit to the Abbey in Pannonhalma, organ concert

visit to the castle in Fertőd