New attractions in the Family Park

Austria’s biggest leisure park comes up with something new every year.

There are many things to discover this year, too.

Family holiday at both sides of the border

New attractions 2018

There will be new attractions for the jubilee season 2018!

In the themeworld Bauernhof next to the Verrückte Vogelscheuche you can discover an new, idyllic mountain village. There you will find the new attraction "Almjodler". The two 8 meter high towers provide thrill for the visitors. During the free fall even the bravest among you yodels!

Between the Erlebnisburg and the Märchenwald, the nostalgic fairytale carousel provides sparkling eyes for young and old. Take a seat on a unicorn, horse, swan or one of the spinning and rocking gondolas. Fun for the whole family.

Exciting programs for the entire family on both sides of the border with admission into the Familypark.

Those who climb up to the Crow’s nest of the Farm will come back down on a 40 m long slide. On the carousel “Froschhüpfer” directly next to the pond, the youngest guests of the park can take a ride on the back of frogs, accompanied by their parents or grandparents.

Last year’s novelty:

The newest attraction of the 145.000 mlarge park takes its visitors back to the renaissance era. The machine is embedded into the authentically styled Piazza da Vinci with Mediterranean plants and a medieval aqueduct, which invites the visitors for a leisurely stroll or a flight with the master’s flying machine. The gondola arm with 12 individual seats at its end, which is made in the form of Leonardo’s flying apparatus, takes its passengers up to 22 m high while revolving around a mast before it descends into the deep again. The gondolas can be controlled laterally by the passengers themselves, they can even flip over if they want. The master’s other inventions such as the wood crane or the shovel excavator can be admired in the form of models round the Piazza.

The attractions of the popular park, which is open till October, are divided into four theme worlds: Adventure Castle, Farm, Enchanted Forest and Adventure Island. From April to early November 2015, the Familypark counted 517.000 visitors and was able to issue 20.500 annual tickets.