Chocolate tasting

The sweet and secret method of chocolate-making is disclosed in a pleasant atmosphere:
the only thing to do is to sign up for a chocolate-tasting in the Harrer Chocolate Manufacture
where they make the world’s best filled milk chocolate!

The chocolate-tasting includes the following:

a sip of champagne with truffles balls

short film about the making of chocolate

chocolate-tasting: raw chocolate, dark chocolate, milk and white chocolate, chocolate assortment with various flavorings

chocolate fountain with fresh fruits

chocolate drink tasting

In October 2015, five Harrer Chocolates received the International Chocolate Award 2015 at the same time. At the award ceremony in London, Harrer’s Milk Chocolate with Apricot Filling was the Gold winner.

Tasting times:

From Monday to Sunday at 10.00 and 14.00 o’clock

Please make an appointment on one of the below contacts:

Tel. +36 99 505 904

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