Adventure tours in Sopron

Individual sightseeing tours in Sopron guided by Tamás Taschner.

The tours are centered on first-hand experiences, tales, legends and historical fidelity.

Hidden Sopron

Sopron the time of the Celts and the Romans. Topics of the tour: forum museum, Amber road, Isis sanctuary, Mithras cult, lapidarium, life in the age of the Celts and the Romans. (The guide rate is exclusive the entrance fees.)

Sopron, Liszt’s Hungarian town

Guided tour with music to downtown memorials linked to the ever-Hungarian Ferenc Liszt. Legends about the composer and historical facts are told and the artist’s visits in Sopron are recalled.

Mystic Sopron

Stories of the dark past of the town; we evoke the spirit of the ancient lamplighter and ask him to tell us about the legend of the virgin of Sopron, notorious medieval crimes or the legend of the Baker’s cross or the Goat church. Evening torchlight tour! Story-telling quarters – guided bike tours to Sopron’s suburbs reveal the places where gladiators fought for their lives, where the wheels of the windmill of Sopron were spinning, or how a Cyrillic script came on the wall of an essentially Bauhaus building or what was the motive for building the ‘Fool’s Castle’? (The tour fee does not include the bike rental.)

On Fairy Path

With the Fairy Festival, Sopron has officially become a town of fairies. The parks and hills of the town tell us fairy tales that uncover us the secret of the fairy powder, the story of the tree of remembrance or the place where the little fairies rest in the summer heat.

Blaufränkisch Express

Visiting 3 wine cellars in Sopron with a 30-person old-timer bus: the “Large-Scale”, the “Old Fox” and the “Aspiring”. 3 cellars with three different styles, still it’s so unmistakably Sopron. The tour includes the bus transfer, wine-tasting (3 sorts of wine / cellar) with the wine glass as gift and the guidance.

Duration: 3 hours

Vineyard tour, i.e. tractor party in the Sopron wine region revealing its secrets

We visit the vineyards by Lake Fertő as well as suburban vineyards and admire the marvelous landscape while sipping exquisite wines. The price of the program includes the transfer, the guidance and tasting three sorts of wine.

Duration: 2 hours

The tours are available for groups only.

More information about the tours is given by Tamás Taschner:
Mobile: +36 30/9291204