Learn more about West Hungary on two wheels, in an environmentally-friendly way!

Whether you visit the birthplace of the Hungarian pianist and composer Ferenc Liszt, Lake Neusiedl or the castle of Kőszeg, the unforgettable experience is guaranteed!

We plan the best bike trips for you, you only need to bike!


  • from 65 € / person / night – in a double room
  • from 83 € / person / night – in a single room

The offer includes:

Overnight stay in rooms with AC

Buffet breakfast (7:00-10:00)

Half-board (18:00 – 21:00), either a 3-course menu or buffet over 25 people, with the chef’s seasonal offers. Eating at other times than indicated and special requests are provided for a surcharge. 

Use of the outdoor pool (from June to September)

Use of our unique Sky Wellness with city panorama: 

infra-red cabin & salt cabin, Finnish sauna, steam cabin, whirlpool with city panorama, relax room, modern gym

Use of the Sky Wellness requires a deposit and a previous registration.

free Internet access (WLAN)

closed and guarded parking lot also for buses 

Two of the following programs depending on the route: entrance to Ferenc Liszt Memorial Museum, Ferry ticket Lake Neusiedl, beer tasting in Kőszeg

The offer does not include the price of the train trip with bicycle (varies depending on the route, we help you with the ticket purchase and the reservation of a bike ticket)

The offer does not include the price of the bike rental. The hotel offers help in arranging bike rental

The prices indicated do not include the local tourist tax: 450 HUF / person / night (ca. 1.5 EUR)

The tax indicated is only for information purposes and may change depending on the law.


Our prices include VAT, but are exclusive the local tourist tax.

The prices shown are net prices.


The above prices are valid over 20 people!


In the case of a group trip by train with bicycle, the service must be ordered at least 7 days before the tour.
Please communicate such claims to our salesperson.


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Day 1

After arrival in Sopron, an easy tour to Raiding to the birthplace of Franz Liszt to view the exhibition there, return trip on the same route:

Dinner at the hotel restaurant (18:00-21:00)

Day 2

Hearty buffet breakfast

Route 2

Dinner at the hotel restaurant (18:00-21:00)

Day 3 

Buffet breakfast at the hotel restaurant, departure

Further bike tours to explore the region:

Liszt Ferenc Route

Route: Hotel Sopron – Harka – Neckenmarkt – Raiding – Harka – Hotel Sopron

Distance: ca. 25 km (Duration: 3 hours)

Setting off from the hotel by bike to Harka, then across the border to Neckenmarkt. On the way, vineyards accompany us on both sides of the border. After a short break in Neckenmarkt we continue our journey to Raiding, where we visit the birthplace of Franz Liszt to view its exhibition with our voucher. After a short break, return trip to Sopron on the same route (Neckenmarkt, Harka, Sopron)

Lake Neusiedl -Tour with ferry ride

Route: Sopron- Mörbisch – with ferry Illmitz – Pamhagen – Fertőd – Hegykő – Hidegség – Balf – Sopron

Distance: ca. 65 km

From Sopron, Lake Neusiedl is only 10 km away by bike, but there is a lot to see along the way. Setting off from the most loyal city of Hungary, we follow the bike path to the lake, passing Tómalom on the way before arriving in Fertőrákos. In Fertőrákos at the bend next to the quarry, an asphalt road branches off and leads across the border to Mörbisch, Austria. The path may only be used by pedestrians and cyclists. To the right of the slightly sloping asphalt road opens a beautiful view on the reeds of Lake Neusiedl. We cycle between forests and vineyards about 2.5 km before reaching the border.

Just before the border, on the left side, still in Hungary, a small, relatively uninteresting building hides a temple of Mithras, built by the Roman soldiers in honour of the sun god Mithras. The temple showcases a two-thousand-year relief carved into rock. It‘s only open in summer (closed on Mondays), from September, visiting is only possible with prior notification.

We arrive in Mörbisch on a slightly sloping bike path. Already on the edge of the village, well-tended vineyards suggest that we are in a famous wine region. The bike path B 10 leads directly to the main road. Typical of the charming little village are the tiny streets called Hofgasse, which branch off the main road and open into small patios. Most of the patios can be visited, one houses the local history collection, the other a cozy restaurant with a vine arbour. The two very similar white churches of the village are not far from each other: first you meet the smaller and older Catholic church, then the Protestant church. We continue the way from the port of Mörbisch with a ferry of the company Drescher Line and travel to Illmitz. Here we climb again on the bike and cycle on the shores of the beautiful Lake Neusiedl to Pamhagen. We manage the rest of the way on the Hungarian side: through Fertőd, Hegykő, Hidegség and Balf we finally reach Sopron. The whole route is signposted throughout.

Bike tour to Kőszeg with beer tasting

Length: 42 km
Difficulty: intermediate
Terrain: mountainous
Region: Kőszeg-mountains and Vas-mountain

From Sopron train station, trains depart to Kőszeg almost every hour from 8 to 20 o'clock. The journey takes about 1.5-2 hours, in Szombathely you have to change. Bicycles can be carried on the train for a surcharge. After arrival in Kőszeg we cycle to the castle, the tour starts from the parking lot of the castle. After leaving the Várkör street and the Ady Endre street our path leads to the Temető (cemetery) street, here we follow the green cycle path. After leaving the town behind us, we turn right to the Panorama trail. Here we leave the green cycle path (which continues straight ahead) behind and go uphill for about 6 km to the top of the mountain. On the way we pass along ski slopes and the Szálasi bunker. Once on the top, we have reached the Austrian border, here we continue on the blue cycle path. To our right babbles the Seven Springs, so it is worth filling the bottles. After the blue cross sign turns off our route, we reach the former border guard building after 1 km. From here, the path goes uphill for a while and leads up again after a not too long incline. Here begins the longest climb of our tour: we climb from 330 m to 725 m and cover about 13 km. To relax a bit, you can visit the Styrian houses. At this point, we have already overcome 2/3 of the way. After the Styrian houses, the asphalt road branches off, we take the right leg of the "Y" and continue our journey in the other one.

Soon we arrive at the former barracks of the border guards and the Hörmann-well, which means that we have reached the top of the mountain. Fortunately, the trail descends from here; we cycle through Velem and come back to Kőszeg via Kőszegszerdahely and Cák. After Rohonc street and Velemi street we return to Temető street, from there the same way leads back to the starting point. At the end of the tour we should not forget the Bécsikapu Restaurant, where we get our well-deserved beer specialty of Kőszeg upon presentation of our voucher. We go back first to Szombathely, then to Sopron by train, trains depart almost every hour between 8:00 and 20:00.

Escape-tour to Hanság region

From Pamhagen on the escape way to Kapuvár

Route:  Train from Sopron to Pamhagen – Tadten – Andau – train from Kapuvár to Sopron

Length by bike:  42–47 km (depending on the route)

The starting point of the bike tour is Pamhagen, which can be reached from Sopron by train with a change in Fertőszentmiklós. From Pamhagen, two roads lead to Wallern, from here we cycle next to the road, through charming fields to Tadten. Thanks to the moorlands, Tadten is home to the great bustard; the world's heaviest airworthy bird can be observed in a reserve. From here, the path leads in two directions to the Hanság-canal.

We make our way directly to the canal and admire on the way the birdlife of the area from close proximity or from the numerous observation posts along the way. This area is extremely popular among birdwatchers.

We continue our trip to Andau, where we can buy vegetables at honesty boxes, then turn off to the so-called escape way. The local sculpture park speaks up against violence and exclusion.

The Hanság-canal is crossed by the bridge of Andau. The 7 m-wide wooden bridge that connects two countries was originally used by local farmers of the region to reach their fields; later displaced Germans, then, after the suppression of the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 about 70,000 Hungarians fled by crossing the bridge to Austria. The bridge, which was blown up in the revolution and rebuilt in 1996, is now a symbol of freedom and peace.

On the Hungarian side of the canal, we continue our trip on gravelly, but passable road through forests, over the Small Rába river towards Kistölgyfamajor. From here, you cycle only a little on low-traffic public road, because the rest of the way is a well signposted bike path with covered rest areas. We cycle to Kapuvár and follow the signs with the inscription "Centrum”.

To get to Kapuvár railway station, first cross the main road 85, then cycle along the shady bike path of Rákóczi Ferenc Street and after turning left in front of the barrier, go along Vasút Street.

Round tour Ják

From Ják through Határélmény Park back to Ják

Route: Train from Sopron to Ják-Balogunyom station – Ják – Szentpéterfa – Bildein – Pornóapáti – Nárai – Ják- train from Balogunyom to Sopron

Length by bike: 44 km

The well signposted round trip, which mainly leads on highroads, starts at Ják-Balogunyom railway station, which can be reached from Sopron by direct trains. In order to see the imposing church of Ják, one must accept cycling on highroads. Fortunately, the route is relatively quiet except for the peak hours and thanks to the clear direction signs you cannot lose yourself even without a map. Given that this tour leads on highroads, this tour is recommended for experienced cyclists! 

Coming from Szombathely you should first follow the rails, then cross the level crossing on the right and  after a 5 km-cycling on a calm country road you reach Ják. The high-rising towers of the church can hardly be missed. Originally a Benedictine monastery founded in the 13th century the church was built in three stages and rebuilt several times. Its facade was renewed in 2013. In front of the church you can see a St. James Chapel, which functioned as a pastorate in the Middle Ages. The church of Ják is one of the most important works of Romanian architecture in Hungary.

From Ják the tour continues to Körmend, but after 6 km you have to turn right at an intersection to arrive in Szentpéterfa after another 6 km. Once there, refresh yourself in the restaurant and the ice cream parlour. The settlement, mostly inhabited by Croats, choose to belong to Hungary in the referendum of 1923 and thus bears the title "Communitas Fidelissima" - the most faithful community of Hungary.

The border crossing, which had functioned until 2007, is located at the end of Alkotmány street, right next to family houses. Our path leads from here directly to Bildein, where you can visit the so called ‘Border Expecience Park’ (Grenzerfahrungsweg). The memento park was opened for the public in 2011. In the park between the border and the village, on both sides of the river Pinka, border watch towers, bunkers, labyrinths and descriptions illustrated with pictures offer a real experience for young and old. North of here, a pebbly path (200 m long) next to the Pinka-bridge leads back to the asphalt road that brings you to Pornóapáti.

After Pornóapáti, we head for Szombathely on a hilly country road before arriving in Nárai after 8.5 km.

If you want to return from Nárai to Szombathely, then you have to reckon with 8.5 km of cycling.

If you turn right in Nárai at the intersection, you will come back to Ják on a pleasant narrow path (10 km). The way to the railway station Ják-Balogunyom is already.

Spa tour Lutzmannsburg-Bük

From Kőszeg through Lutzmannsburg to Bük


Route „A”: Train from Sopron to Kőszeg – Rattersdorf – Mannersdorf – Klostermarienberg – Frankenau – Lutzmannsburg – Zsira – Szakony – Bük station (– Bükfürdő), from here by train to Sopron

Length by bike: 37 km

Route „B”: Train from Sopron to Kőszeg – Horvátzsidány – Ólmod – Klostermarienberg – Frankenau – Lutzmannsburg – Zsira – Szakony – Bük station (– Bükfürdő), from here by train to Sopron

Length by bike: 34 - 37 km 

The majority of the tour leads on bike path from the station of Kőszeg. Trains to Kőszeg depart on weekdays every hour from Sopron, so depending on your stamina, you can choose what time you want to set off; however, do count with a change in Szombathely.

It is a good idea to explore the Old Town of Kőszeg that is rich in art monuments, before cycling to the former border crossing. Through Rattersdorf and Mannersdorf you get to Klostermarienberg.

If you continue by bike from the railway station to Horvátzsidány, you will reach the village after 6 km of hilly terrain. From here a cozy road leads to Ólmod, which is partly famous for its Croatian inhabitants, partly for a baroque chapel standing at the top of vineyards. From here you should cycle in the direction of Klastromi road in order to reach a paved trail on a pebbly forest road that leads to Klostermarienberg.

For the remaining of the tour you cycle to Bük on a separate bike lake and on side streets.

The tour then continues in Austria, the 18th century-built baroque Catholic church in Klostermarienberg is an imposing spectacle.

From here, the B45 leads 3 km long alongside orchards on a calm country road before arriving Frankenau. The settlement can also be reached on a slightly longer bike path that crosses the B45, here again you should look for the sign B45. After Lutzmannsburg, which is popular for its wine shops and spas, a bike path with a branch towards Zsira curves behind the villages.

In the rest of the tour on Hungarian territory - 10 km - you can enjoy the freedom of cycling even in inhabited areas on a separate bike path. Among the sights of Zsira is the Rimanóczy castle. It is not known how the building was built. It used to be the home of the Duchess Maria Esterházy, later it functioned as a monastery and today it is a home for mentally handicapped people. In Gyalóka you can relax in the garden next to the church of St. John the Baptist, built in 1761 - benches and tables invite you for a short break. Through Szakony you reach the end of the tour - Bük. To reach the train station, you have to turn left before the barrier, if you want to go to the spa continue straight ahead.

Route A:

Route B: