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    Az év minden évszakában a hozzá illő túrákkal, kóstolókkal, színpadi előadásokkal, zenével és gasztronómiai programokkal várja Önt és egész családját a Hotel Sopron****.

The 1st Soproni Kékfrankos cook king election

As part of the series of events of the Kékfrankos summer, on 25 August 2007, Hotel Sopron**** organises on its own yard the 1st Soproni Kékfrankos Cook King election and feast yard in order to create a tradition.





The 1st Soproni Kékfrankos cook king election and feast yard was a great success...


Bernadett Bősze, the team leader of the cooking team of Pulzus TV was awarded the cup and document conferring the title of the 1st Soproni Kékfrankos cook king in Hotel Sopron.
Ten teams and almost 100 persons fought for victory at the open-air cooking contest organised for the first time.

Teams participating at the Soproni Kékfrankos cook king election had only one condition to comply with: they could cook anything provided the kékfrankos wine is included among raw materials.

The final ranking was also subject to wine recognition and stilts walking skills contest, pancake eating, water carriage, rope-hauling, archery, doughnuts frying, wine tote, karaoke and dance contest, apart from cooking.

As the best moment of the evening, awards were given by László Horváth, hotel manager and the jury consisting of István Gálos, master cook awarded the Venesz prize, participant of the Olympic Games, Ferenc Krauszpek, master cook, participant of the Olympic Games and Zoltán Voleszák, restaurant master.

Ildikó Némethné Gara, director of Hotel Sopron**** and the inventor of the event was glad to see the elementary success of the event based on which, together with her young team, she plans to extend to a national attraction the event entitled the 1st Soproni Kékfrankos cook king election and feast yard.



The winner recipe:


"Lamb 'tokány' in Transylvanian style a' la Pulzus TV

Ingredients for 4 persons:
- 1 kg beef sirloin head (or low-fat beef or pigmeat)
- 20 dkg bacon
- fat or oil for frying
- salt and pepper as needed
- marjoram, tarragon and bay leaf
- the juice and the grated peel of 1 lemon
- mustard, tomato puree or 'piros arany'
- Soproni Kékfrankos
- some sugar
- sour cream

The preparation of the food:
I cut the onion to small pieces and roast it on fat and I add small pieces of bacon. When the onion is roasted, I put the meat cut into stripes into it. I use spices, later I put the mustard and the tomato and then I pour red wine into it.

I offer it with freshly baked bread or dumplings.

Recommended by Bernadett Bősze






„The team of Pulzus TV had an excellent time in Hotel Sopron! The fantastic atmosphere made the afternoon unforgettable. Up to midnight, there was hardly any moment when we could not find anything from among the several witty tasks. Congratulations for the professional organisation since there were 10 teams in the competition, each of which with a minimum of 6 persons, and, still, there were no delays in the programmes. And the fact that, in the end, we became the first Soproni Kékfrankos cook king, was the finest moment of the day."
Bernadett Bősze
Pulzus TV

„We had a good time both in this evening and the following days.
Let me here thank you all for nice days in Sopron."
Tamás Vida

„Thank you very much for calling us into this fantastic event. On behalf of the others, I can definitely say that your variegated quality programmes which were, above all, witty, entertained us a lot. So that we would like to indicate it NOW: we participate in the feast even in the next year. We hope that your efforts regarding the future existence of the event shall be successful and it becomes cook contest tradition promoting the old and good renown of the town and of course Hotel Sopron.
Márk Kapovits - VW sales manager
The team of „Mustard Rolls", Walter Autó Kft.

„On behalf of the Greedy team, I wish to thank you for the unforgettable and intensive afternoon and evening of the 1st Soproni Kékfrankos cook king election. We wish to thank you and congratulate to all the employers of the hotel for the excellent organisation, the witty and smoothly organised games, the delicious food in the evening and the feast and the nice and friendly attitudes of all staff members. We come back next year.
The team of the Greedy

Although I congratulated you in person, too, now I wish to congratulate you in this way for the organisation of the Saturday. Me and my friends had a very good time.
I know that such an event is hard to organise and all the positive feedbacks are welcome.
Please inform your colleagues about our congratulations.
We hope to come back to this event in the next year, too, if it shall be organised.
The music band was good, however, I had been afraid of them since I had not known them before.
The essence is: please continue."
Tündér Lala and Friends

I am glad to congratulate to the successful event and let me wish you success to expand the event.
We hope that both the participants and the organisers feel glad when thinking about the day of the event and show enthusiasm the next year to make this event a success story."
Réka Gimesi - touristic administrator
The Mayor's Office of Sopron, Town of County Rank

„Let me congratulate you for your successful event.
I sent the information leaflet to some of my colleagues who were interested in the programme and, perhaps, they will come in the next year."
Mária Kikovátz
VELUX Magyarország Fertődi Építőkomponens Kft.

„On behalf of Pro Kultúra Sopron Kht., let us congratulate for your successufl event and let us wish continuing success for the team of Hotel Sopron."
Nyerges Ferenc Bruckner Ildikó
Director conference group manager
Pro Kultúra Sopron Kht.




 The programme of the 1st Soproni Kékfrankos cook king election and feast yard


14:00 - 14:30 we welcome our guests with a glass of kékfrankos upon arrival
welcome, overview of the programme
the work of all teams is assisted by a coordinator, and you can feel free to contact your assistant with any requests!


Team name                         Coordinator
The Ten                          Becze Katalin
Sweet Basket Cooks         Horváth László
Greedy Travellers with Wooden Spoon         Münnich Mihályné Teca
Mustard Rolls                   Horváth László
Sun Radio                        Fülepné Dormán Szilvia
Pulzus TV                        Németh Viktória
Superb Undercooks          Horváth - Szilágyi Nikolett
The Greedy                     Fülepné Dormán Szilvia
Tündér and Friends          Becze Katalin
Glass Tiger team             Németh Viktória


14:30 - 15:30 teams occupy their places and prepare for cooking,
fire making and the processing of raw materials


15:30 - 17:00 competitions and programmes:


Wine recognition contest
Necessary numbers: 1 person / group

1 turn, all the 10 teams compete together

10 points for every wine recognised
Duration: around 35 minutes
Description: Following the presentation and tasting of 3 types of Sopron wines, in another order
Wines should be recognised again testified in writing!


Stilts walking skill competition
Necessary numbers: 3 person / group
Turns: 2 turn, 5 teams compete together
Scoring: the fastest group gets 10 scores and the slowest one shall get 1
Duration: around 15 minutes
The aim of the game is to prepare a stork (one for each group) and that all the three persons get from the start to the target in the way given.
Player 1 shall blow the balloon to the given size and knit its opening with the help of Player 2 and then they, keeping the balloon between their bellies (no hands to be used) they run to the target. Player 1 stays there and Player 2 alone runs back to the start.
When he gets there, Player 3 runs to the target jumping on one foot with a marker and draws eyes on the ready balloon. He stays there and Player 1 alone runs back to the start.
When he comes back, he and Player 2 together run back to the target so that they keep a tabletennis ball between their foreheads (no hands to be used) and one brings the leg and the other the beak of the stork in his hands. The tabletennis ball may not fall down. When it falls, running should be continued from the place of the ball falling down.
When reaching there, Player 3 waiting there ties the beak and the leg of the stork to its body and the game is ready when he lifts the ready stork into the air.


Pancake eating competition:
Necessary numbers: 1 person / group
Turns: 2 turn, 5 teams compete together
Scoring: the fastest group gets 10 scores and the slowest one shall get 1
Duration: around 10 minutes
Description: the aim is to eat 5 pancakes filled with jam in the fastest possible way. The game is over when the player swallows the last bit and indicates it by opening his mouth.


Water carrying competition:
Necessary numbers: 1 person / group
Turns: 2 turn, 5 teams compete together
Scoring: let us measure the height of the water: 10 scores are due to the person who is able to collect the most water and 1 scores to that who does the least.
Duration: around 10 minutes
Description: the aim of the game is to transport the most water in a towel during 2 minutes from a filled-in children's pool into his own basin.


Necessary numbers: 3 person / group
Turns: 5 turn, 2 teams compete together
Scoring: 10 scores to the group which can haul the centre of the rope over the indication, but when both of them are unsuccessful, both receive 5 - 5 scores.
Duration: around 10 minutes
Description: Teams are elected two by two by drawing lot; basic level time: 1 minute. The aim is that the indication at the centre of the rope be hauled out from the indicated red track during the available time


The taking of false wine:
Necessary numbers: 1 person / group
Turns: 4 turn, 3 teams compete together
Scoring: the fastest group gets 20 scores and the slowest one shall get 2
Duration: around 20 minutes
Description: all groups shall try to take as much wine as possible from an own balloon to another during 2 minutes and we shall measure the quantity of collected ‘wine'.


17:00 - 18:00 archery, and, parallelly, undercook's corners with frying doughnuts


Necessary numbers: 1 person / group
Turns: 4 turn, 3 teams compete together
Scoring: the group with the highest scores gets 10 scores and the one with the lowest shall get 1
Duration: around 60 minutes
Description: The competition programme starts with an expert preparation in archery. Then members of all the three teams are able to try themselves. 3 trial shots are followed by 3 normal shots.
By hitting stripes between 1 to 10 scores on the target, a maximum of 30 scores are available.

Frying doughnuts:
Necessary numbers: Any
Description: the team which, from the full quantity of uniform raw materials, prepares a portion of doughnuts and places them before the jury with the food to be assessed, shall be awarded + 10 scores


18:00 - 18:30 assessing the food
The jury shall take a walk around to inspect and taste the food. Az ételekre max. 70 scores are available and it is up to the professional jury to decide who deserves how many scores.


The jury consists of prominent members of the Hungarian National Cuisine Association and participants of the Olympic Games
Zoltán Voleszák
István Gálos
Ferenc Krauszpek


18:30 - 19:30 the next scene of the programme is the Oleánder terrace of the hotel


Wine tote: A list of 20 questions from which every good answer is worth 1 score. Wine tote is delivered to the team at 18.00 but collected only at the end of the karaoke and they may work on these until then.


Team karaoke with an encouraging drink:
Necessary numbers: Any
Description: The list of songs to be elected is available on the registration table as from the first minute so every team shall select the song to be sung by 18:30. We offer an encouraging drink for the performance. The assessment of songs is made by the team of Hotel Sopron and productions are worth of a maximum of 12 scores.


From 19:30 - a feast yard with an unlimited consumption of beer and wine

Delicious rich soup from a nice fat capon and white bread
Carp cooked in wine with cinnamon, crocus and honey

A paté from the meat of wild animals with blackberry sauce cooked with wine
Ox tongue with almond horse-radish
Roe paté baked in dough forest sauce or apple sauce

Tikfik filled with forest strawberry, fig and blackberry
Duck with cabbage cooked in wine and good plum
Goose leg roasted in itw own fat with sage and rosemary
Hoof roasted in a stove in its skin, with drops of beer and honeyKemencis csülök bűriben serrel, mézzel csepegtetve
Forest pig fed with acorn in juniper, folded

Pie with dinethum and curd according to the lessons by old and modest masters
Bread with honey, dry fig, plum and sweet almondsMézes kenyér aszalt fügével, szilvával, édes mondolával
Strudel with pumpkin and poppyseed and with a honey sauce
Trophy cup for knights Trófeás lovagkehely

Special, home cheeses of goats and sheep


Following the dinner, a lampion decorated dance floor with Jenő Nyúl and the Band and a swimming-pool party.


21:00 - 21:30 dance competition
Necessary numbers: 2 person / group
Turns: 1 turn, all teams compete together
Scoring: The assessment of songs is made by the team of Hotel Sopron and productions are worth of a maximum of 12 scores. Description: One pair from all teams shall dance for a mix as compiled by the band.



22:00 the coronation of the Kékfrankos cook king and the announcement of the results




The cook king of the special award of the 1st Soproni Kékfrankos cook king election and feast yard
An exclusive discount card providing a 50% discount from a la' carte food until 31.8.2008 in the restaurant of GYSEV Zrt. Hotel Sopron, the Perkovátz House, the restaurant of Tornácos Panzió in Hegykő, Columbus restaurant and Tercia Hubertus restaurant
Test weekend with a Volkswagen car as offered by Walter Autó Kft.
The winner food shall be indicated on our website under the name of the winning team


The Most Skillful Team of the special award of the 1st Soproni Kékfrankos cook king election and feast yar
A discount of 50% for the main courses until 31.12.2007 for Corso Restaurant, a Puskás Beerhouse and Schmauser Restaurant
A test weekeng By a Seat car offered by Walter Autó Kft.


The special award of the 1st Soproni Kékfrankos cook king election  and feast yard
The offer of Erhardt Restaurant and Wine Cellar: 4 bonus cards, each for a maximum of 4 persons and providing a 50% discount from main courses until 31 August 2008.
A test weekend with a Skoda car thanks to Walter Autó Kft.



24:00 John's blessing - gates close


Our sponsors and partners:
Bormarketing Műhely Kht.
National Cuisine Association
Szuperinfó Kft.
Pannon Sopron Kft.
Heineken Hungária Sörgyárak Nyrt.
Lővér Cellar
Perkovátz House
Tornácos Pension - Hegykő
Columbus Restaurant
Tercia Hubertus Restaurant
Erhardt Restaurant and Wine Cellar
Corso Restaurant
Puskás Beerhouse
Schmauser Restaurant

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