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Check out our menu and our drinks!


Leave cooking with us and we offer you on Sundays -50% discount from the prices of the lunch!

30th birthday of the renewed Hotel Sopron!

Join with us in celebrating a birthday party or an anniversary!


Hotel Sopron gyermekvilág zsúrokhoz: kerti trambulin, medence, játszóvár, xbox, csocsó, sorversenyek, kézműves foglalkozás, lufi, palacsinta, fagylalt és minden, amit csak a gyerkőc kíván! Szólj, anyának és apának, s tartsátok nálunk a szülinapi vagy névnapi bulit!


 Családi vagy céges rendezvény? Foglalja le Vinosseum Borházunk különtermeit!


Celebrate your Christmas Year End Party in the Hotel Sopron! Show your staff that you are thankful for their hard work at a private event, in elegant milieu at the Hotel Sopron, or in an informal atmosphere in our Vinosseum Winehouse.
Delicious meals, polite service, free parking, Christmas decoration on demand and music...


As time comes, and strikes the clock, behind the young couple the buffet we unlock.
Lots of delicacies, salads there we serve you, power and appetite we wish to get through!
A great wedding day to have, you tend, for arrangements ourselves, we recommend!



Would you celebrate a birthday or welcome your bussines partners?
Are you about to spend a nice evening with friends?
You don’t want to go to an exclusive restaurant?
Solution – Hotel Sopron Vinosseum Wine House


Business and family events, Party Service, Catering at superlative.
We bring you the quality, you choose the spot

Hotel Sopron**** Restaurant and Blue Salon

The organisation and arrangement of protocol and informal events, wedding, farewell ceremonies of graduate students, family celebrations for 10 to 350 persons

We dispose of every person and thing necessary for organising a memorable and nice event:

  • Air conditioned and separable restaurant (non-smoking)
  • Shady garden beside the pool (from May to October)
  • Controlled, spacious parking lot
  • Decoration, and the organisation of gifts and programmes when needed
  • Popular cuisine which is renowned worthily
  • Flexible and courteous staff
  • Discount from the room price for those participants requesting accommodation
  • Individual offers and creative solutions

Separable, air-conditioned restaurant (non-smoking)  
Max. capacity: 350 persons in the restaurant and 40 persons in the Blue Salon. The first class restaurant which is renowned worthily of our hotel ensures rich buffet breakfast, lunch and supper in a nice, agreeable environment.

Grill terrace for 40 persons  
Nice lunches and evenings with candlelight at the shadowy terrace beside the pool. The agreeable dinner may be accompanied by music and dance when needed.

Feasting yard  
The roasting of whole pig, tasty rabbits and lambs on the spot, in our garden hut. Food prepared above open fire in stew-pot.

Let's cook together!  
Cooking in a stew-pot and grill roasting in the garden - our chef helps you to prepare your favourite stew-pot or grill dishes. (Recommended for a minimum of 10 persons)

Please download the list of our dishes and drinks here.

Room furniture and drawings of tables
Conference: Comb-like | | Rows of chairs (A) | Rows of chairs (AB) |Board table
Restaurant: Island arrangement | Letter 'E' arrangement | Comb-like arrangement
Glass room: Letter 'O' arrangement | Letter 'T' arrangement

Our restaurant is awarded the Signboard of Protection of the Hungarian National Cuisine Association.

where we offer you a nice evening accompanied by music, delicious snacks and good wine. It is an ideal scene for informal meetings, business and family reunions.

Sopron from head to foot, experienced with all of our senses.
Please come with us and visit the whole town; let us explore its history and remnants from the Roman Age up to our age together!
Listen to the tales, past legends and stories of the ancient walls, old winecellars of the ancient Baroque quarter..
The many adventures and experiences can help you to find the essence..
Please smell the everyday life of winemakers, the unique and single world of Poncichters and large wine casks.
Try and taste and enjoy the fantastic products of the simple, and still, refined kitchens and winecellars of Poncichters.

Poncichter Adventure - the very best of Sopron (wine) culture and cuisine!

Rooms of the Vinosseum - Winecellar:

  • Poncichter Room and Wine Knight Room  
    You are invited to taste special food in Sopron prepared by original recipes which ahve almost been forgotten and you can relive old traditions. We invite you for a good lunch or supper and, when requested, your high feeling is ensured by a gipsy music band, a piano accordion player or a 3-member wine music band.
  • Winecellar  
    We introduce you to the secrets of the Wine Region of Sopron in our special wine and ceremonial cellar and we invite you to participate at a special wine tasting in the magic world of the most noble wines of Hungarian wine regions.

    Wine-tasting in Hotel Sopron**** Vinosseum - Winecellar for 15 to 100 persons  
    We introduce you to the secrets of the Wine Region of Sopron in our special wine and ceremonial cellar and we invite you to take an extraordinary travel into the magic world of the most noble wines of Hungarian wine regions. The presentation and tasting of 5 types of wines of Sopron in the hundreds of years old cellar; and we also offer apple, cheese, rolls and "pogácsa" with the wines. Following the wine-tasting, we offer you a lunch or a dinner in the Wine Knight or Poncichter room of the Vinosseum.
  • Wine-judging room
    We offer it as a scene for exclusive, confidential and private talks and negotiations.

Opening hours: As needed, previous reservation is necessary, available for 15 to 100 persons.

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Blaufränkisch Regular Guest Programme
2015-03-23 11:08:46

KÉKfrankos (Blaufränkisch) Regular Guest Programme:
Collect KÉKfrankos seals to earn free nights at Hotel Sopron! For more information and the seals, please ask our reception!

Information: Hotel Sopron****
H- 9400 Sopron, Fövényverem u. 7.
Tel.: +36 99 512 261
Fax: +36 99 311 090

Vinosseum Apartment
2015-03-09 15:35:51

Our newly designed, cosy and air-conditioned apartments await you in quiet surroundings, in the heart of the former Ponzichter-quarter and guarantee you 100% relaxation.

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